Sunday, December 7, 2008

Brainstorming Session

For class, I was asked to give an update on my blog project. In terms of site visits, it looks as though I am averaging about six a day, but in terms of actual responses to my posts and generating larger amounts of traffic it seems to appear less than satisfactory. However, I like to think of this as more of a learning lession in marketing. This means I need to think outside the box of normal advertising and start getting creative.

One idea I had for generating more traffic to the site is to create an interesting video and post it on the streaming video sites such as YouTube, Hulu, and Myspace. Streaming video is becoming a popular form of advertising since it's growing popularity has resulted in video streaming becoming as effective as television advertisements (Independent study confirms effectiveness..., 2004). I have Pinnacle 10 editing software, so I need to either find my video camera and make an entry through real life footage or create my own dramatized footage through video I find online.

Another idea is to join in with cross-promotional advertising. One form is to create a quiz called "What Type of Media Are You?" in order to fit into the theme and then figure out a way to link the quiz back to my profile. At first, I was thinking that possibly I can send the format to others blogs and have them add it to their blog in order to create more interactivity between their blogs and their users (while adding a link to my blog in case they want to know who made the quiz), but seeing as how it may not be enough of a benefit for other blogs, I need to think of another form of cross-promotional marketing.

I'm mostly brainstorming ways to build traffic at the moment. I could try to join Google AdSense. I could add more interactive activities such as polls and quizzes to the blog and publicize it on social sites such as Facebook and Myspace. LOL, or maybe I can pull a Stephen Colbert and declare war on another blog. I'm looking at you...Apple Blog! I shall continue to brainstorm ideas and I'm willing to accept any other ideas you have for me.

Independent study confirms effectivness of streaming ads on MSN Video is on par with TV ads. Microsoft. Retrieved December 7, 2008, from


Anonymous said...

Hi! As a way to generate buzz for my blog, I'm getting more involved in the world of blogs.

I was impressed with your ideas to increase traffic to your blog. The video would be really neat. If you do this, send it to me. I'd be interested in seeing what you come up with.

Good luck!

Manish Malhotra said...

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